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With Gorgeous Interface & Shipshape Body Code.
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Create a Professional-Looking CV or Resume Under 5 Minutes With YourCVBuilder

The only thing less appealing than maintaining a CV is building one in the first place, and so many of us would jump at the opportunity to have software do it for us. While there’s no perfect CV Layout, there’s also no perfect job application. With a positive outlook and up-to-date credentials, you stand as much chance as the next guy, regardless of the tools you use in your application.

If you’ve been searching for something to take the pain out of creating a resume, YourCVBuilder might just be it.


Whether you’re clueless, lazy or just looking for inspiration, YourCVBuilder walks you through the process and credentials required to build a great looking picture of your professional life. The system uses a variety of templates to present your CV in different styles, and once all of the information you would like to include has been added, you can either log in and save your CV or download a PDF, ready to go.


The resulting CVs look pretty good, and though they’re a bit generic, it’s the content and professional experience you can bring to a position that counts. The fact that there’s a chance your CV might resemble someone else’s might pose a slight problem, though I’m delighted to add that there is absolutely no branding on the finished product, so hats off to the developers of this little tool!


  • Build your CV from scratch!
  • Add as much or as little detail as you like, then choose a template.
  • Finished CVs can be saved via logging in or downloaded as a PDF.
  • Free to use, no branding on the finished CV (so they look professional, a great bonus).

Build your CV today @
Free Cv Builder - Create a Resume - Cv Templates

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A bunch of new/updated themes have already shown up sporting Tumblr’s new customization features. Check them out!

Thanks, everyone!

There are a bunch of new updates and customizations in new theme file:

  • New, easier way of installing a Flickr photo widget
  • Support for up to five custom links added to the header
  • Upload your own background image
  • Change the the font (default is still Futura)
  • Choose whether or not to display your followers
  • Automatic disqus support is coming soon, too.

I’ll be adding some “How To” docs later, and updating some of the older ones. Stay tuned!

My way of displaying your Twitter updates worked fine unless you had a private account. If you had one, it would display an annoying sign in message on every page. Tumblr’s example of pulling in your Twitter updates doesn’t do this, so I switched to using it. The update is available in the

Two- Column Layout?


If I were to offer a two-column layout of this theme with a sidebar, but asked you to pay for it, how much would you pay? Or would you even want it?

Of course I’m thinking iPhone app prices here, not Tumblize prices.

I just added updated the theme code to inculde Photosets. Until the changes are approved, all you have to do for now is add this line of code inside the {block:Posts}{/block:Posts} tags:

{block:Photoset} <p class="object">{Photoset-500}</p> {block:Caption}<div...

The new update just made it through. Here are the changes:

  • Added automatic support for Twitter
  • Made it even easier to embed your Flickr photos
  • Added tags to posts
  • Conditionally add/remove “About” link based on whether or not you have filled in your blog description
  • Added a search pop-up
  • I changed the backup font to Georgia because, sometimes, Helvetica just looks terrible.

The font-cycle now looks like this: “Futura, Georgia, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif”. All this means is that, if the person browsing to your blog doesn’t have Futura, then the next font the browser is going to…


Apparently the theme was accepted into the Tumblr Theme Garden. You can download it much more easily there if you don’t plan on hosting any of the files yourself.